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Dr. Steven Mickley Community Health Resource Section of the Greenwich Hospital Medical Library: Nutrition and Cancer

Community Health Resource Section servicing Greenwich Hospital patients, their families/caregivers, and the community at large.

Editor's Note

These lists were compiled in collaboration with Dr. Pritchard Downie, the Clinical Dietitian at the Bendheim/Smilow Cancer Center.

If you are a patient receiving cancer treatment at the Center, you can schedule a free nutritional consultation. Please call 203-863-3700 for more information.  

Download our PDFs:

Cancer Types

Advice for Specific Cancers

Brain Cancer

Breast Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Gastric Cancer

Lung Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Nutrition and Cancer

Nutrition Issues During Treatment

American Cancer Society
Online guide for patients and families

Oncology Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group
Created by cancer dietitians

University of Pennsylvania's OncoLink was the first online cancer resource

Advice for people living with cancer

Offers a range of support

Recipes for People with Cancer

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Rebecca Katz
Chef and author of The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen offers a blog with recipes

Cook for Your Life
Teaches healthy cooking to people touched by cancer

Savor Health
Offers healthy recipes, a seasonal food blog, and Heal Well: A Cancer Nutrition Guide


Nutrition Advice for Survivors

The American Institute for Cancer Research's monthly Recharge brings the latest research on the role of healthy lifestyle habits for survivors

American Cancer Society

Cancer Services Cancer Dietitian
Lifestyle tips to keep you healthy beyond cancer

No Nutrition Fear
Dietitian Suzanne Dixon aims to remove fear and anxiety around food and health

Healthy Eating

Eating Well
Features well-researched articles on food and health, paired with healthy recipes

American Institute for Cancer Research
Presents research on foods that fight cancer and promotes a plant-based diet

Nourishing Plate
Oncology dietitian Laura Rutledge offers healthy recipes and evidence-based nutrition information.



Advice on Herbs & Supplements

Office of Dietary Supplements

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

Food Safety Concerns
Food safety information from various government agencies

Local Fish Safety

Connecticut Department of Public Health

Environmentally-Friendly Food Choices

Environmental Working Group
Produces the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen fruit and vegetable picks to limit pesticide exposure

Environmental Defense Fund
The Seafood Selector rates fish by eco-friendliness, mercury level and omega-3 content

Seafood Watch
Highlights ocean-friendly seafood choices

Please note that Greenwich Hospital does not endorse the content, products, or services on these websites.

**Please note: Information found on these websites is for educational purposes only. Always ask your doctor for any medical advice.**

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